Medical Education

Crossroads Orthopedics is committed to helping surgeons treat their patients better.  Medical education is the backbone of our agency for our surgeons and technology consultants.  Arthrex is the most innovative company in the entire orthopedic space when it comes to cadaveric, hands-on training.   This is reinforced by the hundreds of new products developed every year.  Arthrex was established by Reinhold Schmieding in 1981 with a focus on technique driven, lab-based training.  Crossroads Orthopedics has worked hard to mirror that path locally by way of a state-of-the-art three station wet lab.  Our facility, located conveniently on the northeast side of Indianapolis in the Castleton area, has seen over 100 cadaver lab training events in the past year alone.  

"This is a unique resource that we are proud to offer our customers as it helps them to advance the procedures they utilize to treat their patients."

Classroom Training

Our didactic facility accommodates 25 people comfortably for a classroom style learning experience


cadaver lab

Crossroads Orthopedics offers a state-of-the-art three station cadaver lab for every type of orthopedic training.  Whether it's arthroscopic, distal extremity, or an open procedure, our lab is outfitted to accommodate any hands on training experience.


visual modeling

We offer surgeons the chance to get their hands on products prior to entering the lab.  This helps plan for important steps in a new procedure.  It also allows them to critically analyze product engineering as they make their implant choices.